Need advice on where to find a decent asic miner and not get ripped off!

Hey everyone, I’m new to mining, spent 100s of hours researching and trying to learn. I saved up some $ and need to know where to buy a decent miner from a reputable source. Can anyone help me out?? Thanks

Goldshell is a good start

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I second Goldshell. The KD-Box is still in stock right now. However, you gotta pay with crypto, so be prepared for that.

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What’s the budget? What are you looking for?

You should start looking at goldshell. Decent miners at a budget price. They are the manufacturers so support is great too


I purchased the tails miner from Goldshell. I just checked my order and it is showing canceled. I sent my crypto payment when I submitted the order. I submitted a ticket. Has this happened to anyone else?

What kind of return do you get on these?

Do you know what kind of return you make on these? At normal electric rate.

asicminervalue, whattomine are great resources for that data

Do you guys know if is legit?