Need help, are these number right?

Need help. New to mining and jumped in with both feet. I have 1 rig with 9 - 3060 Tis, and 1 with 9 - 3080, got them all about 2 months ago before things really got crazy. Using Betterhash and transferring to Coinbase. My transfers are barely over $100/day, Betterhash’s and others estimates say it should be around $150. Cards are optimized for overclocking, everything running well. Any ideas what could be wrong, or is this right on track?

I get 560 MH/s for the 3060 TI’s and 891 Mh/s for the 3080’s for a total of 1431 MH/s. This is provided you run these GPU’s at known ratings of 62.13 MH/s for the 3060 TI’s and 97.91 MH/s for the 3080’s.

Plugging that into and ETHash, you should be making $170/day before electricity. shows these GPU’s at 1346.4 MH/s making $161.32/day.

There are many methods of mining, in Linux and Windows, both booting from thumbdrives or hard drives. Mining on an exchange is made easy because the configuration file, wallet address, and mining program are done for you. Betterhash, I believe, even selects and mines the most profitable coin for you, switching when a different coin is more profitable.

I can tell you for sure that ETH mining is currently the most profitable. You are running nVidia GPU’s so Phoenix Miner 5.4c or newer is one of the better miners. T-Rex 19.9 is also very good. Both are obtainable on GitHub. If you had AMD GPU’s I would suggest TeamRed Miner. Also, Bootable operating systems like HIVEOS and SMOS are good if you’re not into windows.

I use Windows 10 for mining and yes, you have to allow the miner thru Windows Defender and you have to confiure a batch file, but even doing “My own Mining”, I make the amounts described above.

My suggestion is that you do your own MINING to your own POOL url using your own wallet ADDRESS. Use MSI afterburner, X1, or enter parameters into your batch file to control the Power Level, Core Clock frequency, and Memory Clock Frequency. Configure those apps to start with windows and enter a shortcut to your batch file into windows startup folder so failure of any one GPU will reset, and reboot the computer while tunings settings for optimum values. Those are the values that allow the GPU’s/RIGS to run days without rebooting.

I also configure the batch file to use SSL by using the --ssl on command and port in Phoenix Miner or by using the command -o stratum+ssl://pool.url:sslport# -u your wallet.address.workername. The important thing is to use ssl instead of tcp and add a 1 to the left of the port#. SSL is secure and prevents man-in-the-middle stealing of your shares/earnings.

Don’t know how you got so many of those “New” GPU’s but hey get your money’s worth out of them.