NEED HELP! NO DISPLAY from Asrock H510 BTC +

No error codes, blue screen with black box with with letters that say no display. This is my set up spec (see below)

I have switched DDR, tried different GPU’s in different slots. hdmi is plugged into GPU, ive reset cmos, new cmos battery, new hdmi cord, different parts of the house

Asrock H510 BTC +
EVGA SuperNOVA 550 Ga, 80 Plus Gold 550W
Kingston FURY Beast RGB 16GB 3200MHz DDR4
Intel Core i5-10400 Desktop Processor 6 Cores up to 4.3 GHz LGA1200
AMD Radeon RX 6600 Graphics Card with 8GB x6
Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120 CPU Air Cooler
G.Skill AEGIS Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin SDRAM (PC4-25600) DDR4 3200 (switched to fury see above)
Kuman 7 Inch Raspberry Pi Touch Screen SC7BC IPS LCD Display HDMI Monitor
SK hynix Gold P31 1TB PCIe NVMe Gen3 M.2 2280 Internal SSD | Up to 3500MB/S ( Not Hooked in anymore)
EVGA - GP Series SuperNOVA 1000W ATX 80 Plus Gold Fully Modular Power Supply - Black
64gb 3.0 USB for HiveOS
Please help!!

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darn. I have had very good luck with Asrock. I recommend if you bought it from Newegg to just return it. They are pretty understanding and give full refunds. Someone might have some insight but likely a defective board which is way more common then you would think…

which motherboard would you recommend?

I have a 510, no issues here, but i did have to change a few setting depending on my CPU / builtin gpu deal. I might be able to help but you need to remove everything and start basic.

Cpu, and OS, since it has a built in GPU that caused me some issue at first during setup.

Since you say black screen, you need to strip it all off go one at a time now, just MB, cpu and disk/OS get that booting. I can share some of my bios setting too but you need to roll back some.

If you can do that i might be able to help some.

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I have AS Rock Steel Legend and it works great. I have had bad luck with Asus boards.

just a quick guess but I suspect your CPU doesn’t have built in graphics capability. So the system isn’t able to display using the graphics card because it doesn’t have driver installed or something like that…

Based off his posted CPU type it does have a gpu built in, look it up . :wink:

If I’m reading your post right you have the HDMI plugged into a Graphics Card already?

To access the BIOS on the Motherboard, you will need to connect via the HDMI on the Board, load a operating system, then load the drivers for the GPU’s for the HDMI on the GPU to be usable.

I didn’t need any GPU drivers, it boots to hdmi default. Why i told him to remove it all and start fresh, once you got the built-in gpu working you need to change a few setting in bios, then add a card at a time etc.

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I agreed with your comment. You told him how to find/solve the issues himself.
I only commented because the trouble shooting is getting speculative.
He says it in the original post that he is HDMI connected to a GPU with, I assume, no operating system installed.
Unless the BIOS has the ability to find, connect and run the GPU, a OS would first need to be installed to access the GPU’s HDMI capabilities. Am I wrong?

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Sure all help is speculative but you don’t have a 510 so your not gonna be much help here… :wink:
Waiting for OP to respond. lol