Need help on getting started

Really want to start, and learn how to mine but lack the hardware and knowledge.

I have a limit of $2000 and have no power bill.

Any help is welcome thank you for reading!

With no power bill, I suggest trying to get 2 L3+s, you will most likely have to come up with a little more money though. I think that would be a good start for you, you would gain some experience , and with no electric bill you would make some decent returns.


I appreciate the reply I will start looking into them right away! Is there a trusted seller that has them in stock currently?

Is bitcoin still worth mining or is litecoin gonna be the one to keep my eyes on?

If you can afford the right miners it is profitable to mine both coins. GPU mining will be decreasing here as soon as ETH goes to proof of stake. You will always be able to mine BTC and LTC. They are the Gold and Silver of Crypto currency.

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