Need help VOSKCOIN Cloud mining Took my money

I am desperately trying to get in touch with someone as my account with the. Company was redirected and all of my money was taken

You were scammed. There’s no such thing as a VoskCoin cloud mining.
Voskcoin doesn’t do cloud mining and there are other threads covering the same thing.


unfortunately you were scammed. vosk doesnt do anything like that and he has mentioned this many times in his videos. there is nothing he can do. you need to contact your local law enforcement agency that deals with crypto scams.

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Then there’s a site that’s copying his videos everything and has all the credentials and info as tho it were him.

Yep very easy to do that y he says it in almost every video

There is no VoskCoin Cloud mining – VOSKCOINS is a scam, and Drew Vosk has never offered cloud mining and NEVER WILL – I do not understand how people keep discovering that scam impersonator cloud mining operation plus above all cloud mining is absolute garbage to begin with.

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with crypto, check twice and assume its still a scam, until you have assumed they are lying and proven otherwise.

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Sorry that happened to you. I learned to not buy any hosting whatsoever, they can run away at any time and there are people who can make you believe anything with a slick website

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