Need help with a site - Belay Mining

I am looking at making a purchase of one of the smaller ASICs and possibly hosting one through Belay Mining. Has anyone used them before?

I’m asking here because Vosk said ask the forum before buying in one of his most recent videos.

Thank you for your help.


well considering the website is a monthish old, their websites registered address seems to be another buisness Google Maps . their headquarters is a random office space. cant tell the building name so cant confirm they are even there Google Maps. So i wouldnt, but you can call them and have them facetime themselves in the building and outside “seemlesly” to see if they actually work at that space. also to see if a place is legit, one way to tell is if they offer credit card services, but then say you can only pay with crypto or other unreversable methods is usually a huge red flag (i didnt check that since im about to go to bed. good luck abe safe. douible triple quadruple check. VOSKARMY.

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Thank you. They do accept most forms of payment, including American Express. That is the form of payment I need. Other than that, I would have gone directly to the manufacturer for the one I’m looking at (IPollo).

I also noticed there weren’t any reviews or info on them. Makes it harder when there is nothing at all out to look at.

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Did you end up going with these guys for your order? Interested in your feedback if you did!

Is your shopping experience still enjoyable? I am Shenzhen Zhenglian Microelectronics Co., Ltd. We are a company integrating industry and trade. If you have a product you want to buy, I hope you can give us a chance, and we will definitely live up to your expectations.

I’ve used them twice one purchase was an ETC miner the other a Grin miner. The shipping was fast and had no problems.

Hi All, I am wondering the same, is Belay Mining a legitimate website. I only saw 1 person admitting to buy from there lol I was hoping alot more people would review the website?

Definitely legit. I ordered a G1 Mini and it came pretty quick. I can say definitely a positive experience.