Need help with Goldshell HS 5 power

Hey y’all! I just got my HS 5 with it’s weird power cable. Now I’m comfortable with electrician work, but the labels on the C19 that comes with it makes it look like it needs a single leg of 240v. All my US circuits are split legs that combine 120v legs on different phases to make 240v. There’s no way to safely splice power together to make it work. What’s the secret?

I think the EU wire colors are Brown, Blue, and Green with Yellow slripe.
In the US the 240 vac is a transformer winding that has a center tap which is grounded.
Black, Red, (and possibly Blue) are used for for the HOT leads which are the ends of the transformer winding. White is the center Tap which splits the 240 vac into two legs of 120 vac.
So, Hot end to neutral = 120 vac and neutral to the other hot end = 120 vac.
You cannot connect the two HOT wires as they are out of phase.
To use USA 240 vac as a single leg, you use the BLack and REd as if they were the Brown and Blue used in the EU. You can use a ground for grounding purposes but it has nothing to do with the Hot legs.