Need help with whattomine calculation

Hi guys,

I am fairly new with mining and have some doubts on profit calculation. I have 2 rigs with 12 GeForce GTX 1070 G1 Gaming 8GB GPUs. Searching in internet I could find following:

If I understand this correctly, it seems that 1 card could make 1,3$ currently per day. Does this mean that all 12 cards can make up to 25 MH/s or is this number for only one?

So I am wondering does it mean that 12 cards make 1,3$ or is it for one card only?

So when I go to this page to calculate earning options:

how much 12 1070 would earn

Is it ok to use 12x25 MH/s in calculation (300 MH/s)?

This would be my understanding. Thank you for help and suggestion if I am on the right track.

Any thoughts here? I just wonder if I understand the whattomine stats correctly. I hope so :wink:

What are you mining. You never stated that

Etherium over ethermine

So you calculate using the homepage. Just put in 12 1070s and your electric at .06. And with 12 you’re roughly at 15 bucks and some change a day

Ok, thanks. So my calculation above must be correct (see the 2nd link above)? I think it comes around 18 bucks a day.
Does it mean that 12 1070 gtx really have 300 MH/s? In that calculator it expects that throughput would be set for proper calculation. My assumption is that it is 25 MH/s x 12 = 300 MH/s. Am I correct about that assumption? Does it make sense?

Yeah you’re right.

Thanks Mitch!