Need some advice 5700 xt or gtx 1660s

Im building my first rig , after researching come a solution should I go for 5700 xt or gtx 1660s

5700 xt pulse edition is about $440
zotac gtx 1660 super $240

so its gonna be 2x 1660s vs 1x 5700 xt .

Im comparing the hashpower
1660s is about 29 Mh/s
5700 xt is about 50 Mh/s

comparing both item I guess the value solution is gtx 1660s .

Is this the right way ?

Thank you for your attention and solution .

Radein VII is a good choice

its hard to get radeon vii … in my country now … no stock

Might I suggest you consider power consumption and power cost as well (unless you have access to free power). The 5700XT will more likely get you about 57-58mH/s and you should be able to get that using about 75W of power. You might get a bit more hashpower out of 2 x 1660s, but you will use twice as much power. The single 5700XT will use about 1.8KWh per day while the 2 x 1660s will use about 3.6KWh per day.

Personally, I find AMD outperforms Nvidia in all cases and rather than 2 x1660s, you could look at 2 x RX570 (or 580) which will be cheaper and hash more than the 1660s (I’m getting 31.5mH/s at power of about 80W from each of my 12 x RX570s and 52mH/s at 73W from each of my 6 x RX5700 (non-XT)).

Good luck with whatever you decide.



are you seriously getting 52Mhs @ 73W? im at 52Mhs but cant get below 120W.

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It just says that in the miner. My Asus Dual cards are getting 57 MH/s at 74W in Phoenix but it is just poor reporting. They pull 120W at the wall. I have 12 different models of 5700. They range from 74W to 120W in the miner but they all pull between 120-130W from the wall when tested individually.

I have both! 5700xt’s and 1660Ti’s.

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I haven’t used a kill-a-watt or a weemo yet on them but I love both rigs. The 5700XT rig reports 98watts a card and is hashing at 51 MH (no bios mod). This may or may not be super accurate but both phoenix and msi afterburner show similar results. I have 7 of these cards.

The 1660TI rig shows about 29.319 (I hit the silicon lottery mega million, all are samsung memory) and they appear to be running around 72 watts at 55% power according to MSI Afterburner and Phoenix as well.

The 5700XT outperforms the 1660TI’s for sure in almost all aspects. However, in my opinion, you are comparing a 1000lb smart bomb (5700XT) to a claymore mine (1660TI’s). They are clearly in two separate weight classes.

Well I reckon I am since the total draw at the wall is just over 600W for the rig with 6 x RX5700s. That makes me pretty certain I’m not drawing 120W per GPU and that it is closer to the reported 73-75.

That’s pretty sweet. I need to figure out the best brand that only uses 1 8-pin. This 2 8-pin ain’t gonna cut it.

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Hashrate reported by the miner is typically higher than the hashrate reported by the pool.
I have 1660 TI’s and lower the power to about 60% or 74 Watts they get a hashrate, reported by the software of 27Mh/s.

You are all correct, you want the maximum hashrate per watt, and the 5700 has just that. I’m waiting to see what Big Navi can do for hashpower and watts… I just don’t know if those 3x 8 pin plugs on the 30 series nVidia cards is gonna work out … I’ll test em for sure.

I am currently running 4x rx580s and 29.1 - 31 Mh/s with each pulling around 75 watts. This is with stock bios using MinerOS. From talking with people on here and some research, I believe I should be able to get them up to a stable 32Mh/s for 75-77w once I mod the BIOS. I also have another 2 cards coming and my average cost per card has been $170 landed.

If you are looking for bang for your buck than you are spot on rssdove! Get us some pics when you can!! Here’s my completed 5700XT rig. Finally reached 8 cards!!

Still need to do some wiring cleanup once I get other cards added and BIOS update. Also looking at some cooling adds seeing as my one card is running fans at 100 to keep temp around 50.

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did you figure this out yet? i got a ton of double 8pin 5600xts :frowning:

I am running all my 5700xt with 1 8 pin.

I have a 5700xt, it’s really good, with some luck I got a few mineds block in Ethereum classic, 2 days in a row, 2 ETC.

I guess it depends on your future plans. The 5700 XT is about twice the price than the 1660ti and in my past experience AMD is much harder to sell/upgrade than Nvidia. Even though the hash is higher than the 1660ti, I’m still going with Nvidia because of the coin versatility and resell value. I’ve had both red and green in the past and with how fast tech changes Nvidia can more easily be sold to gamers pretty easily allowing for upgrades. Jm2c.

I just put an order in for 8 1660tis. We’ll see how it goes! Happy mining :hammer_and_pick:

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About that resell value … I am increasing the size of my 1660 TI Rig. Used GPU’s are selling for more than I paid NEW for my 1660 TI’s. The larger, better brands run cooler than the shorter smaller video cards and I have had to buy some of those because the ROG STRIX and XCULTRA are pushing $300 or more. I paid $269 for mine new. My 1660 TI’s hash at 30 MH/s and 74 watts which is the best they can do at that low a power setting on ETHASH.

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