Need to Buy a cheap mining device what is the most entry level mining device to mine?

Can someone recommend future bit products?since i build windmills in an amateur fashion i want to make some more money out of them by making them generators and self sustainables micromining
If You don’t recommend that brand what should i use for test product i know ant mines are the Best Buy i want to know what is the most Bang for the buck brand/device

I’m no sure future it is worth the trouble. I had 7 moonlanders. They made more noise and used more power than they produced any LTC.

But hey, was just my experience

Wonder if the exhaust air pressure from an asic could spin a windmill??? Self powered!

Low cost, low reward- you could CPU mine with a laptop and have the windmill keep the battery charged. Then on low wind periods it runs off battery.

You could use a GPU rig with only a couple efficent cards on a UPS battery backup. But anything bigger would need more power storage options to keep it running or at least something to safely shut down when there isn’t enough power being generated.

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Your gaming PC is probably the best entry.