Needing some advice

I’m new into mining one of the main reason why i wanted to start is because in my country we got cheap electricity about 0.0045$ per kw
Anyway i did some research
And wanted to start mining ETH… obviously couldn’t get my hands onto a single G2 miner and with the news of the eth turnig PoS
I wanted to switch onto a different coin

Do u guys suggest i go with ming bitcoin instead
Or a different coin like Dash , zhash

ASIC mining is a different animal versus GPU mining, or even CPU minig. I have only ever mined with my gpu/cpu… I’d say my GPU efforts have paid off far far more than any cpu mining I’ve ever played with.

I would try and calculate your potential for ETH return for the next year, because once ETH 2.0 is live your ASIC will be a worthless piece of hardware. So it comes down to how much ETH you can accumulate for the effort & cost before then. There are online calculators for such things since I personally don’t know the specs of the G2 miner.

For a single ASIC I would probably guess mining BTC is a loss prospect if you’re paying for electricity.

On a different note mining has been a rewarding and educational pursuit.

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You can still mine ETH. No one knows precisely just when PoS will be implemented although probably sometime in 2022 looks feasible. That being said, GPUs offer the most flexibility. Also, ETH ASIC miners can also mine ETC which is not going PoS and is relatively speaking very profitable (>$25/day) and easily bought and sold on various exchanges.

There are many coins to mine such as RVN, DOGE, etc. Another way that can serve as a baseline is simply to use You aren’t mining per se but simply selling your hash power to others. They will switch algorithms to ensure that you get the most profitable output. They payout in BTC.

Good luck !

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