Needing some help with exchanging crypto and makin a deposit into a bank account

Im having a couple of problems, can someone inlighten me,
So first thing i want an alternative service other than paypal… Cuz i got a bank account in the UK
And currently im not living in Europe and im not going there anytime soon, and my uk sim is already dead… Which means using paypal is not possible.

I want another service where i can connect it into my uk bank account and make a deposit without trouble,
And it has to be crypto friendly (like i can transfer $ from apps like coinbase)…

I did some research…and couldn’t find what im look n for can someone help me out, ty

I personally like plus they got different levels of rewards cards and you can use it like a bank and have your checks directly deposited with the checking account you also get with your account, so it’s not just crypto, and 90% of where you make purchases you earn crypto back, even on ebay and amazon

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Can u link your bank account or like deposit money directly into ur bank or someone’s bank account

yes you are able to do that

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Thanks alot, i really do appreciate it

No problem, glad I could help