Nervos CKB is starting to get attention

Nervos CKB coin is looking VERY intresting! A lot of buys… need to buy also. I am mining it but now I really need to buy it also

Any recommendations on where to buy?


Curious, what makes it interesting? I hold a lot of CKB from mining and would love that to be the case!

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Few reasons:

  • it’s just about 6 months old coin and yet the following

  • pro developers, intresting people involved in this

  • the project itself is very good! Ideas for the future financial world. Solutions that are better than bitcoin and ethereum

  • from the get go big investors jumped in

  • market cap already is #73 in all of crypto coins

  • Nervos goal is to become the Alibaba of crypto, and if the plan goes well CKB will be that!

Sure there are many question marks and one is that Nervous needs more developers. The project has just started! On the other hand, if you would have had the chance to jump in on bitcoin early on, when there was more question marks than answers, would you have done it?

The other big question mark is (this conserns all crypto coins) the growing tension between USA and China. What this brings if things escalate more? Will it create changes for crypto or threats?


Oh I thought something new had happened to suggest a change. Yes fingers crossed for this exciting project!

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is there anything in the road map about getting it listed on more exchanges?

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Well on technically (for me at least) it’s interesting to see accumulation of buys. Strengthening MACD is showing momentum is shifting and especially for the last two days in very interesting way. Volume is also indicating a turn (OBV), etc. :slight_smile:

Sure thing a little up and down along the way but the trend seems to begin changing

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I haven’t heard about new exchanges. I guess the situation is still that you cannot buy CKB’s with fiat money, but you can buy CKB’s with BTC. I have just opened account with bittrex and purchased CKB’s with using bitcoin

The project itself is developing nicely. Here you can read the latest developments

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So I am basically saying that now CKB’s are been minted the most since the launch and miners perhaps are holding CKB’s more than they used to. At least the selling pressure has decreased

Chinese people are getting into crypto world more and CKB might offer a lot also to Chinese people. You know that in China the government is surveilling people a lot, following every step what you do. Crypto will be much bigger thing to Chinese people than it is to the western world, and to the west it’s a big thing! So can Nervos benefit this more than other crypto coins? Time will tell

What will happen when you can buy CKB’s on Coinbase and other exchanges? Maybe nothing or maybe that will bring a lot of people into this?

Nobody knows how successful this project will be, but my take is that even if this becomes even mediocre to what is the potential, the value of CKB will be massively more expensive than it’s now

What do you think?

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I said same thing,coin has potential early but can it get there? If it does then we gonna be A-OKAY,if not…back to the drawing board for another beginner stage coin that has potential. My goal is to have eggs in alot of baskets instead of all my eggs in 1 basket…hoping that later down the road 1 has a big payoff. GGA and stay safe.


Just be careful alts tend to pump as BTC dumps but when BTC hits the bottom and turns around the alts dump as everyone rotates back to BTC

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Need help

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Did you resolve your problem?

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Humm, I too have a bag of CKB and a bittrex account as well but have never seen CKB listed so have never been able to figure out how to trade it.

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It’s easy! First you need to have Bitcoins to trade to CKB’s!

First write ckb on the search box on the BTC markets section. Click BTC-CKB.

Then just trade Bitcoin to CKB’s

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@Jminer OK, I think I see… You’re using the platform which is not available in the USA and for whatever reason the BTC-CKB trading pair show up on so that kinda sucks. Was kinda hoping someone else would chime in with how they are trading CKB? I’m not looking to buy it but would indeed like to sell it :grimacing:

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Yes! Hopefully USA regulations easy up concerning crypto

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I am just thinking could I buy your ckb’s?

Two questions, first if this is ok to Vosk to do this. Second on how.

On how: you send me ckb’s I send you usd via paypal? Sure there are trust and security issues. But we can split the transactions on small amounts?

One more thing is that paypal has fees and if you are willing to pay them we can do it

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Not yet J,I just moved in and had 2 220 outlets ran plus I have 1 quick 220,so I will be able to run 3 at a time. This goldshell is kicking ass and I’m seriously thinking about coming to dinner late,but knowing me this next batch will knock it down substantially,but know this,this coin,sorry token, was at 50 cents before hs1 came out. Its still pushing $70 plus a day,if you bought one in the beginning you almost made ur money back,whhyyy did i buy the h1’s,I wish I woulda know the hs3 was coming out way back when I first put my money on h1’s. Still hope,was suppose to put 1g on when was .08 cents,coulda almost tripled up…this token will hit .50 real soon. GLA