Never use search engines or app stores for crypto related things

Don’t be naive and expose yourselves to getting phished, if you’re really that unsure about a url then for example go look up what you’re trying to find on either or

or use links from the descriptions of sexy champions like VoskCoin or coinbureau etc, use the main crypto projects main website to download stuff or purchases etc, frick ftx btw cut ties with them and delete everything ftx related they’re hacked and a scam

There was an instance with the apple appstore which shocked me a few months ago, can’t remember all details but scammers impersonated either ledger or trezor and picked a name super similar to their companies

people went in searched for official apps and met the phishing apps instead and got their lives ruined, so much for “secure OS” on apple’s part, they legit aren’t all that different from google play at this point lol

If you’re looking for defi stuff go to


Also just to add to @KN592 check a second source and compare the website url ALWAYS CHECK A SECOND SOURCE and preferably a third or fourth. for instance if you check coinmarketcap then check coingecko, if you check asicminervalue then check whattomine.


Check the checker of the checking

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