New 5700XT mining rig

Ok, so I’m in the process of building my first 6x RX 5700 XT mining rig. I’m using MSI RX 5700 XT Mech OC cards, AsRock H110 BTC+ board, 8gb stick of 2133, i5-6600(got it cheap), 1600w psu and a AAAWave frame. I’m trying to figure out the best OS/Software to set it up so I can mine and have my crypto sent to my CoinBase account. BetterHash usually does this, but I lost my original 2FA stuff, so I can’t withdraw it without a lengthy and ridiculous process. Any recommendations on how I should set it up? I’ve looked into HiveOS and NiceHash, but I’ve never set up HiveOS. Is there mining software I can run from Windows or Debian Linux to do this?

you dont need 8gb ram or i5, enough celeron and 4gb ram plus 60-120gb ssd, yes you can run win10, phoenix miner for eth,etc, or you can download official nicehash software and run nicehash for btc, recommend use better directly mining with phoenix miner, if you wanna use mining os register to minerstat 1 rig is free up to 13gpu, simple to use burn mos to 16gb usb stick plug and run, not need monitor keyboard or mouse everything can control directly to minerstat web gui plus cant open monitor remote control vea ip address if you wanna see actually your miner screen

I know I don’t need an i5 or 8gb ram, but for purchasing the cpu used, it was cheaper than a celeron.
So if I load Phoenix miner on windows, can I set my CoinBase Ethereum wallet to it, or would I have to make a new wallet somewhere and transfer to CoinBase?

if coinbase for etch deposit not change wallet address you can use if change you need external wallet. if you mining on nicehash you will get your btc wallet

when you press on eth wallet for deposit shut show warning for etch transaction different wallet address if no warnings you can use you wallet address directly for mining. im using wirex wallet free wallets btc,eth plus visa debit for all fiat usd,eur,gbp and other

Ok, so if I use PhoenixMiner, I just put in my Eth wallet address from CoinBase? Sounds pretty simple.

all pools have instruction how to setup miners like claymore or phoenix i mining on 2miners it very simple settings and good pay out