New addition to the Kas farm

Wooohooo another monster KAS miner in KS5M

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My KS5L comes on Monday. I have a elphapex dg 1 and this will be a welcome addition to my basement mining setup. I would love to run my one inline fan to cool both miners. Anyone know if those ac infinity’s are strong enough for two miners?

Hey, Jake. If the ambient temperature is not very high, let’s say, below 35℃, it should be OK. KS5L 3400W plus DG1 average 3500W. The answer is for reference only.
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I don’t think so because those stock fans I think do roughly 500cfm and 8 inch ac infinity is 800 cfm, so you’d need 2.unless you use a 10 inch one and have a splitter, which I have 3D prints for on thingiverse. Even then I can’t confirm if it would 100% work