New antenna & syncing

I was getting extremely low HTC on my Sensecap miner. So, after 1 week I install a 10 dbi antenna I ordered from Amazon. I placed the antenna in my attic which increased he high by 2-3 meters.
Now it seems the miner is syncing based on
1.) Do the miner have to sync again when you install a new antenna?
2.) Do I need to repair with my phone app, because it indicates the miner is online?

3.) Is there another way to test if the miner is getting a signal and determine the strength?

I have a back RAK 5.8 Dbi that finally came today.

From the reviews I’ve seen, the Amazon antennas aren’t very good. I have two of the RAK 5.8 antennas and they work flawless. Yes the miner will have to sync again, any time the power goes out or anything it will have to re-sync. You’ll need to update your antenna height and type in the helium app. I’ve used to check mine. How accurate it is, I have no idea, but that is what I’ve used.

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