New Antminer and Whatsminer Asic's for sale

New guy here trying to get established as a legit seller. Let me know what info you need to feel comfortable that I’m not a scammer.

My name is Adam Moyers and my number is 270-994-6948. I live in Paducah, Kentucky. My brick and mortar business is My website isn’t the best and I suck at keeping up with social media posts. But I’m easy to look up on google, Facebook, and instagram.

Once I place an order with my supplier I will receive them in 10-12 days. The day I pick them up, I’ll be shipping them to you with a 2-3 day delivery time. So roughly 15 days to your door from when the order is placed.

These prices are shipped in the lower 48 states.

S19J Pro 96TH $10,850
S19J Pro 100TH $11,300
S19J Pro 104TH $11,800
S19J Pro 110TH $12,700

Whatsminer M30S+ 102TH $10,300
Whatsminer M30S++ 110TH $11,550

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