New Antminer S19A temp sensor failed

Hey gang,

First time poster and new to the mining community.

Yesterday I started up my new S19A and have had disappointing results…

Over the last 36 hours the miner will only run intermittently anywhere between 30 minutes to 8 hours before flashing abnormal and going offline.

Looking at the kernel log, it shows temp sensor failed.

This is a brand new unit fresh out the box and clean. I have it in a clean environment with filtered clean air and ventilation for the heat.

Attached are photos of the log and my set up.

Any help from you experienced folk would ease my aching heart.

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I’ll be no help here, but that’s a badass set up

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Thanks man! Figured with the $$ investment I might as well “do it right”. Doesn’t seem to have helped though :unamused:

Hey nice setup!

Sorry to hear about your S19A issues, were supposed to get two of them this weekend, ill let you know if we have similar issues.

Btw, i should finish my asic enclosure setup this weekend using an AC infinity inline fan too, mine is an S8, how do you like yours?

Sweet setup. Looks like you’re on your way. I built out a similar design and had similar heat issues initially. Your intake (assuming the silver flex duct) I notice is located up high and your exhaust is on the top close by. You may be drawing out the cooler air before it can circulate around the machine. You may also need to hook up some fans inside the enclosure to force more air across the miner. I ended up using a second inline fan to direct air across my asics and a few other small fans. It’s trial and error until you get it right. What helped me was after making an adjustment and firing everything up, jump on your computer and pull up your antminer dashboard. Watch the inlet/outlet temps. If you find your temps stabilize, you’re in business. On my s19Jpro if outlet temps hit 90, temperature control kicks in and shuts down the miner. Hope this helps, good luck


I agree with what you are saying for the airflow and factored this into my plans. I put the miner inside a litesound box that directs airflow over the psu and into the inlet fans and directly out through the two 6 inch exhaust ducts. (See photo)

Looking at the miners dashboard on the computer shows that one hash board is abnormal and the outlet temp sensor is reading 16 degrees while the others read regular temps of mid 70’s.

This makes me highly suspicious that the outlet temp sensor is faulty and shuts the whole unit down to protect from damage. (See dashboard below)

At this point I don’t even know what to do. I’m kind of getting lip service from my supplier and bitmain wants me to complete a SD card flash and psu replacement.
Which is outside my knowledge limits.

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I was just listening to a YouTube video from an ASIC seller in China, he briefly touched base on the S19A and said he had heard rumors that there was problems with the boards being faulty. Maybe the 2 are connected? I’ll link the video below…

Have you checked both intake and outtake temperatures of your miner when it’s inside the box and outside the box? Could it be possible that the soundbox may have played a role? Personally, I’m not a big fan of putting a miner inside any type of boxes.

I have a buyer @drzmat who has received his 2 s19a antminers today. He is set to test his machines this weekend. I also have another buyer (not in vosk forum) who received her s19a miner couple days ago and told me everything went smoothly with no issues.

With all machines, there is a chance that you will come across faulty machines. Same thing happened to me with one of my ck box. I hope you are able to get this issue fixed and get your miner up and running again soon. Thanks for sharing your experience with the community.

I will keep an eye on this and report thats for sure.

We should be installing both our S19A’s this weekend as stated by our friend @cryptominernv

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Have you tried to run the miner outside of the enclosure?