New Bobcat 300 helium miner just arrived

**Hello, **

I’m selling the new bobcat 300 miner. I live in Montreal Canada. It can be picked up, and i can ship worldwide once payment confirmed. Selling it for $1,200. Will accept BTC/ETH only

I’m changing the price since everyone is saying its ridiculous . selling now for $700 FIRM

You can call or text me +1 514 612 6237

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I will wait, price gouging is terrible. You are just as bad as the FIAT system. Have fun watching it sit there not making you money. Pointless buy if you are not using it.


I spent $12k on a miner and I still laugh at you. You could make more than you are quick selling that for and long term, yet, you want instant gratification. The reason the rich get rich, they can wait!


What was your order number or order date? Looking for some time frame for mine.

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I preordered this , and it took like 4 month for it to just get delivered

here you go guys, I keep an eye on this, it doesn’t move very quick though haha

My order was placed on June 17 with estimated shipping 12-20 weeks. November 4th will be exactly week 20, but based on the shipping update page (thank you @Jasongreen ) I just don’t see it’s getting shipped until December. Either way, no one should pay $1,200 for this device - as I’ve been watching the coverage map around my area past few months, I’m starting to question if it’s actually worth $500 that I’ve paid for it. Will see once it arrives I guess…


This guy is not who he says he is.
He will talk circles around you, yet fails for honour promises. I was dumb to drive 7 hours and send him a $250 deposit in advance (in BTC). Here is the ID he shared, Not him, likely faked. Records show his name is actually Jonathan Jefferson. Karma is going to be a bitch.