New coin - Vita Inu ($VINU) daily airdrops plus many random (currently up 30x!) - dont miss out

Hey all, I found this new alt coin. honestly not too sure on the future of it or whether it’s legit or not, but currently on their discord they are doing airdrops multiple times a day. You don’t need to do anything and they make a wallet for u on discord.

Worth a look.

!!!But please do your own research before giving any personal info or buying any coins!!!

Worth a look tho for the free coins, you never know where it will go :slight_smile:

FYI they are about to list on HOTBIT exchange.

If anyone joins the discord, send me a message and i will give you 100k VINU :smiley:

Currently 5x price increase, going strong. Remember you can get free airdrops on the discord. Just follow my link above

Discord says invite link is invalid or expired…trying to join to check it out.

try this one

I’m in, new to Discord so it took a little effort, but I’m in. Also found a vinu faucet:

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Yeah, the price is rising now, they being listed on an exchange (hotbit I think it is) with a straight VINU to USDT exchange. Recon the price will jump then. listing is tomorrow @ 9:00am UTC with a VINU/nUSD pair. might be a good time to buy before listing.

Boom installed! I love these projects so much, they really feel like underdogs trying to make it! Who would have thought the American Way would be best reflected in a decentralized system? Shower me with that beautiful coin, baby!

As someone new to the forums, and not particularly experienced in crypto, how would someone like me look at this project and determine whether or not it’s a scam? I’m happy to do my own research, but I’m not exactly sure how, and would like to learn from best practices.

(I mean this with all due respect, not saying it is a scam or anything. I appreciate this community.)