New CPU/Phone Mineable Coin


recently found this Project as a comment on one of Voskcoin’s latest Videos. Decided to take a look into it and I think this coin could be worth something in the future:

  • Balances and transactions are invisible to others.
  • Optimized for CPU and ARM architectures.
  • We developed a machine learning algorithm called AMAYC (As-Much-As-You-Can) which prevents your mobile CPU and battery from overheating.
  • Panthera algorithm: Panthera is a customized hybrid algorithm combining RandomX, Kangaroo12 and Yespower .
  • They have a good looking Wallet for Windows, Mac, Linux as well as Android
  • They have developed an Android Miner - which totally works unlike some Pi Network Scam

It would be really nice if you could check out this currency and let me know what you think!