New Crypto Mining Rig able to mine $51 a DAY?!

Ibelink just released their newest Digital Cryptocurrency Mining Rigs, and their new miners are supposed to be mining $51 dollars a day and $15 dollars a day – let’s review this! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

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When a new mining rig drops, everyone sees the mining profitability calculators generate insane earning numbers and they begin salivating but is it actually possible or should we say LIKELY that this new crypto mining rig will actually earn 51 dollars a day in passive income mining cryptocurrency?! Well SPOILER LOL it is unlikely this device will mine that much money daily however it could still be a profitable cryptocurrency mining rig. Unfortunately, Ibelink does not have a good track record releasing mining rigs that are profitable for a long time, actually, it is quite the opposite… Let’s review the news of this new iBeLink BM-K1 Kadena KDA ASIC mining rig that makes FPGA mining Kadena KDA obsolete! You can also see the mining profitability for the iBeLink BM-N1 eaglesong ASIC miner for Nervos CKB, projected to be the most profitable mining rig for the Nervos Network.

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iBeLink BM-N1 eaglesong ASIC miner profitability -
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00:00 $51 dollars a day or $18,000 a year mining profits?!
00:29 Cryptocurrency mining rigs are looking sus
02:04 What are crypto miners and how to find the best mining rigs
03:21 Zort and their AI trading platform
05:27 Will iBeLink BM-K1 Kadena KDA mine $51 daily?!
09:07 Kadena KDA transitions from FPGA mined to ASIC mined
10:00 How much does this miner cost and best place to buy miners
11:27 What is Kadena KDA and is it a unique cryptocurrency?
12:05 Should you buy the iBeLink BM-K1 mining rig ??

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iBeLink BM-K1 Kadena KDA ASIC mining rig