New Crypto Token aims to ELIMINATE advertisements for you?

This new cryptocurrency project is aiming to eliminate online advertisements by allowing users to opt-in to basically browser mining as opposed to something like Brave BAT token rewarding you for seeing ads. Subscribe to VoskCoin -

Gather.Network and their GTH token will DESTROY ADs?!

Would you trade a bit of your computers power to not see advertisements anymore? To be honest… I would! Gather.Network could possibly build a massively powerful decentralized cloud computer with their GTH token and project. Gather.Network also has a masternodes network, as well as staking, which allow crypto investors to earn passive income with cryptocurrency using the GTH token. You can even buy, sell, and provide liquidity for the GTH ETH Uniswap pairing which right now earns over 238% interest! Let’s review and their GTH token which will hopefully challenge BRAVE and their BAT Basic Attention Token!

:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 New crypto moonshot wants to get rid of ads?!
01:43 browser mining and stealing computer power to mine crypto
02:14 Brave BAT token basic attention token pay to view
02:44 Gather.Network GTH token review
06:57 Earning passive income with masternodes and staking
09:09 is GTH a scam and anonymous team?
10:07 Liquidity provider campaign earn 238% liquidity mining uniswap
13:04 GTH masternode cost and earnings
14:42 liquidity mining and GTH review

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