New Crypto Token That Ethereum Miners Can Also MINE?!

This new crypto token uses the Ethereum mining algorithm, and claims to be solving the scalability issue of Proof of Work using an EVM blockchain. Let’s review Liquid Layer and their LILA token! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

LiquidLayer - LiquidLayer
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Liquid Layer (LILA) is not live yet, but their testnet should be up and running shortly after the publication of this video. LILA has almost a $2M market cap, has just under 1,000 holders, and they raised 15 ETH in their first presale. This is a very early project, and has already launched their own mineable cryptocurrency, which is pretty unusual for a project this young. Let’s review LiquidLayer and run through their reports on DexView, DexTools, and Quick Intel.

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 A new minable crypto token?
00:30 LiquidLayer testnet is launching soon!
01:59 LILA Token Roadmap
02:38 How to Buy the LILA Token?
03:20 Market Cap and transactions for the LILA Token
05:13 Liquid Layer Token LILA Quick Intel scan
08:48 Liquid Layer will be a PoW EVM mineable cryptocurrency
09:51 LILA Token will use Ethash Algorithm
11:33 Does Liquid Layer have a public team?

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New Crypto Token That Ethereum Miners Can Also MINE?!

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Hi Vosk. Always enjoy da YouTube videos. I’m relatively new to mining. Can you do a follow up video for how to gpu mine LILA or links? Would be greatly appreciated. I see Mainnet got moved up to December. I’m still learning how to set everything up for gpu mining. I am set up to mine radiant and Neurai. Many thanks!