New DeFi Yield Farming Coin w/ NFTs that forked Yearn Finance YFI?

This new DeFi coin is focused on yield farming and staking your coins to not only earn more money, but also to earn rare and potentially valuable Non-Fungible Tokens NFTs! Let’s review Generation Finance’s YGEM! Sub to VoskCoin -

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YGEM is a new DeFi coin launched by Generation Finance that forked Yearn Finance. Yearn Finance and their YFI quickly become one of the best and most profitable DeFi coins to own, ever. The YGEM team are aiming to make their project profitable and interesting by introducing NFTs to it, which they believe will add a unique aspect to their project and potentially big returns if you’re lucky enough to get some of these Non-Fungible Tokens through staking coins on their DeFi platform. YGEM are planning to eventually switch from the Ethereum blockchain to the Binance Smart Chain because the transaction fees are lower and that they hope to find support from Binance and ideally end up being listed onto the Binance exchange which historically has added a ton of positive price movement as well as liquidity to projects listed on their exchange. YGEM offers yield farming in their vaults as well as simply staking coins on their platform. Let’s review YGEM and how I am earning interest on my USDT tokens!

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