New DX-8 Dash Miner

Looks like a new dash miner is in the works. Reported to have ~5.5x the hashrate as the D7 with the same efficiency.


Is this Bitmain ?

While it’s great efficiency, all these super miners on all the minaeable coins will end up making it uneconomic for anyone. LTC and now KDA, and soon DASH thanks to Bitmain. ETC tanked thanks to ETH.
It’s getting brutal out here. I’m on part-time running already when the power is cheaper. Most things are still positive for me, but ROI is a long way off.
New hardware might not be so bad for the US residents with the dollar being so strong. Hardware is expensive for us that have to convert to USD when it’s so high.


Have to play the long term game and figure out a way to get through the Bear Market while preserving as much coins/tokens mined as possible.

If price goes up, A lot of miners can still be profitable… just don’t go in dept trying to keep them running! Shut them down if you have to and focus on something other than crypto for a while.

The market will come back… it’s just a question on when and how high it’ll go….