(New Feature Request) - Allow Paying a Small Admin Fee in Lieu of Discord Phone Verification

I understand the big issue with spammers and scammers, and therefore wanting to know its a real person to access the Discord chat. However, if Discord allows you anyway to override the phone verification and allow someone through, I for one would love it if there was a way to pay a small fee for the admin time for someone to do so. Scammers and spammers are unlikely to pay the fee.

These may seem silly since Discord’s privacy policy states, “We don’t sell your data”, however that’s pretty much what everyone says these days. The real information is in how they share our your data, which is pretty wide open including sharing information with affiliates and vendors. Those terms are vague enough to be utilized how they like.

As someone who has been doxxed and had my information widely sent over the internet, and received death threats related to it; I’m not too keen on giving my new cell phone number to any company. Everywhere else I use Google Voice, or a VOIP number, etc. However, Discord doesn’t allow this.

At the same time, I just recently got into crypto mining and I’d really like to chat more and be involved with the community. I’ve been posting on VoskCoinTalk, but by what I can see on Discord the discussions are much more active there.

@VoskCoin @MissVosk