New Grin miner coming out

New Ipollo G1 asic miner coming out in December. The miner is priced around $10k and as of now is said to produce $180 a day,but math says its around $230,42 H/s cuckatoo 32 and 160H/s cuckatoo 31. Thinking hard but know that obelisk or innosilicon is gonna come out with one that will smash this miner. G32-500 makes over $500 and obelisk grn1 are about the same so if they come out(Innosilicon says no make,I don’t believe’m) So this is a tough 1 knowing that Todek is coming out with a Combo Miner for around $5-6k,combo C/H miner mines both ckb(12.5Th/s and hns 600H/s) C1 pros will be shot down.