New Grin miner coming out

New Ipollo G1 asic miner coming out in December. The miner is priced around $10k and as of now is said to produce $180 a day,but math says its around $230,42 H/s cuckatoo 32 and 160H/s cuckatoo 31. Thinking hard but know that obelisk or innosilicon is gonna come out with one that will smash this miner. G32-500 makes over $500 and obelisk grn1 are about the same so if they come out(Innosilicon says no make,I don’t believe’m) So this is a tough 1 knowing that Todek is coming out with a Combo Miner for around $5-6k,combo C/H miner mines both ckb(12.5Th/s and hns 600H/s) C1 pros will be shot down.


Hey @RonnieDennies504 I have checked all around, Ipollo G1 is around $3000 not $10k Damn sure

If you have $10k, please buy a ASIC for me too. I will payback in 2 months

Trusted ASIC Vendor in China are selling at this price point

Random Chinese Supplier

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I don’t know about the Akminer,did notice it said out of stock,but I do know that made in china and alibaba sellers are same. That particular ad you have,a lady named Paggy Liu,she answers back saying miner is not available. I pray it isn’t 10k,I’m taking a loan out to buy 1,pay all earnings toward loan until paid. I spoke with many alaibaba sellers,half knew price,other half didn’t. the girl i baught my c1 pro and 4 h1’s from don’t even know. prices i was quoted ranged from $9300 shipped to $9700 not shipped…also was told the Toddeck C/H Combo is a lil over $6k,price might drop due to ckb price so low. You find me a reputable seller selling the G1 for $3000 or less and I will give you $1000. This miner is pretty good,pumps out about $100 a day(right now),mines 2 different algorithms and like 7 different coins. I’m gettin one and praying I’m not a screwed citizen again. Can’t buy till i hear from Innosilicon or obelisk,if they come out with a miner then this miner will be equal to the h1,worthless sooner. I have till December,also looking into innosilicon new GPU,waitin on specs.

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gotta speak with obelisk and innosilicon first,but this is on the list since it mines 7 different coins, since there’s multiple coins that pay well to mine with this machine,hopefully the difficulty rate stays low,if not move to next coin. right now MWC is on the rise,machine around $120 a day. Gonna keep my money straight and take a loan out,pay what i make each month till paid off. be real nice if this company only one to make. If i’m right,I can’t find it in my messages but was told chips were limited so only around 500 units produced. this is why price is so high. Sure wish someone on here knew someone on the inside with innosilicon and obelisk.

Is Obelisk still making any hardware?

They still produce the siacoin model I believe. just wish they’d come with the GRN! series.
check out this new possible scam or glory…

No. Obelisk publicly stated they are no longer manufacturing ASICS. They haven’t made any in a year and a half.

I was on the preorder list for both the Innosilicon and the Obelisk GR1N units. Both projects got cancelled and deposits were refunded a year ago.

Very true,but that was a year and a half ago like you said. All I’m saying is until I hear from a reliable source directly and indirectly,I’m still undecided. This G1 miner was suppose to come out in October 2019,but never made it out till now(remains to be seen since isn’t up for sale on market yet). If innosilicon or obelisk come out with a grin miner,this G1 is toast.

I just wanna make sure I don’t make same mistake twice,i bought 4 H1 like an idiot(was told were 110volt units,then learned like 90%(non GPU) are 220v) and they were trash in weeks. 1 thing I really like is it mines cuck31+32 so if 1 difficulty rises you can switch to other if income is higher. Still waitin on my girl from Alibaba,she in tight with a few companies.

I heard back from innosilicon. They are launching the G32-500 for sure,don’t know about the G32-1800.
They said they are taking pre-order 5 minimum but have yet to get back to me on a price per unit.

Specs from what I know are
cuck31= 100GPS
Cuck32= 20 GPS
watts around 550 and can be 110v(yessssss)
I’m guessing this miners gonna be around $4500-$5500
The G1 is gonna be around $10k,no way around it,you see less by more then a dimes(2k) they prolly scammin.
So for $10k you get 160 H/s which right now earns &130 MWC a day
For 5k you get 100GPS which is earns I don’t know a day,the person I spoke with from innosilicon said they make between $12-$14 a day…I’m scratching my head,I thought that 100GPS was larger than 100H/s

Can someone help me understand why GPS is less then H/s? Are they equal to each other?

I thought somethin was wrong…

I was just told G1 miner was cancelled…

No G1 is not cancelled

I am watching their forum, and they have the prototype from August itself, there is a video released that time and it gave around 42GPS

Recently, the company released G1 Mini Miner with 1 ASIC Chip giving 1.4-1.75 GPS and it just sold out

For sure something fishy is going on already, Innosillicon and Obselik cancelled the orders and Ipollo manufacturing them

I been trying and trying to find legit sellers of the G1 that aren’t selling them for $20k. Alibaba sellers from China are spot on with their info on miners and all have said same thing…no here nothing yet,will let you know when its available…G1 mini everywhere though so should be soon,hope it still makes $200 a day by then

Sources say that there was a presale in october last year and they were sold for 20k$