New guy here. Interested in Helium, GPU, and other mining options

Hey all. I am very much into passive incomes. I have an Amazon business, crypto, run nodes, etc. I have been researching Crypto mining and I have some profits that I would like to re-invest into mining (I think). I am sorry, I am sure all of these have already been asked but I have these questions…

  1. Helium miners: What is the best miner and what is the ‘best miner available right now’.? I am thinking about buying several and would like to know if I a should wait for a specific miner or if I can get going now? I will research antennas more before I ask too many questions about them.

  2. GPU mining: I have 3 good gaming computers that are not used very often. Can I put them to work? Are their coins that are worth GPU mining still? I am fine with mining and waiting on the value of the coin to grow if it is a solid project. I dont need instant rewards unless I can get them.

  3. I have some crypto profits that I want to invest in mining, what are some other recommendations?

Thank you all in advanced!