New guy here! Interested in Helium mining - Am I too late?

Hello everyone,

I am learning about Helium, and Helium mining. I am interested in getting a Bobcat miner. I am just wondering if I am too late to jump in? Any thoughts?

Thanks everyone!

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You are not too late to the game, helium mining became a thing only this year so. As per profitability, it depends on where you live and how many nodes are around you. I bought 2 Bobcats earlier this month as well.

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I am interested in the Bobcat and would love to purchase one

Thank you so much!! I am planning on picking up a Bobcat soon. I’m looking around my area, there aren’t many nodes around me.

That’s the key. Some areas are way saturated. But if your area is not you’re right on time.

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This is good to know! I really appreciate your help!
Also, the explorer is down for me. How about you?


from my studying into Helium, it depends on your situation.

I live in a rural area of Colorado that some what hilly, yet there are people here running 8db antennas and able to push the signal out up to 25 miles! it foes over some miners to the terrain but it hits ones further out no problem.

Hi everyone. I’m basically in the same situation. I live in a medium-sized city, and it looks like all the hexs around me are in the 2-4 number range.

I was hoping to get in on the MNTD drop, but I was unfortunately a mere mortal and couldn’t get one. Not sure if I quite yet have the stomach to buy a Bobcat with USDC, great tutorials or no.

I bought 2 towards the end of August and aren’t expecting them until February at the earliest.

The MNTD drops have been terrible as has their customer service. I mean it is RAK after all and they’re incredibly shady as a company.

Bobcat is legit and trusted. Just depends on if the wait is worth it. If you’d make more than reseller markup in 1-2 months. They it may be ok to buy now off a third party. Or just wait it out.

Never too late. Good location. Good grouping, GOOD antenna, Good to go!