New guy that needs Helium tips

I have just ordered my first pair of Helium miners and have a few possible locations to put them on that are 300 meters apart and is on the sweet spot.

I have been looking all over YouTube as to how I would transfer my Helium to Binance. But I can’t seem to find one that has a full guide. I know I can sell it through Binance but thats it. I do not have an idea on how to move from Helium to Binance. Is it through the Helium app to the Binance app?

Thank you in advance for all your answers and maybe other tips that you might have for me. Also I want to open a topic about the halving. What do you guys think about the halving?


2 Likes works…not sure why after all these years (i did not ever do a KYC) and it is probably the FIRST exchange I’d pick to go belly up and take your crypto…but if you get in do your sell or buy and get out and don’t leave anything there …for the really, really crummy sh*tcoins it works OK>…but you will ‘feel dirty’ afterwards and need to take a shower…I should be ‘nicer’ I’ve never had any case to think this exchange is any worse than any other…but still…shudder… I suppose I ‘should’ do the whole KYC thing with Binance.US…but as long as I pay my taxes on cap gains wth… :slight_smile:

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On the same boat here. I’m brand new to crypto/HNT Mining and have the same questions! Once we do receive our HNT miner and set it up with the Helium app, how do you link it to Binance/BlockFi/ etc? Or what platform would be the best to manage your HNT? I’ve been trying to use and feel like their whole website is a pain to use (not that user friendly).

I just recently impulse bought one HNT gateway from SPNA to test out in my area since I have a decent amount of nodes around me. Can’t wait to get mine!!

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