New here, have hardware issues

Hello, I’m brand new here and new to mining. I am supper excited about mining. I have recently bought some hardware but seem to be having some issues. I hope it’s not what I think it is. I bought 4 RTX 3080 non Ti’s but my hash is really low. I’m hoping I didn’t get screwed over and end up with LHR’s. I ran two last night and was getting about 45 M/hs each. I added a third one today and my hash dropped to 33M/hs for each card.
I’m using lol miner on ethermine. I tried Raven coin last night on 2miners and got about the same results. I can use Un-minable and my hash is 184m/hs. My settings in Afterburner are cpu -150, mem +1190, power limit 75 and fan speed 75. I know I need to add better thermo pads to get my mem temps down. Currently they go between 85 and 93.
My hardware is two gigabyte 3080 turbo’s and one Zotac Trinity. I’m waiting for my Biostar Tb360-Btc Pro to come in with two 2400w ps and a 16 gpu rack. If you cant tell I’m going all in, I know Eth is going away in 6-9-12 months so want to mine as much as I can before it ends. I’ll switch to something else by then. I also have two Innosilicon A10 pro+ (720 M/hs) coming in.
On the 3080 side I don’t see anywhere on the boxes about them being low hash rates so I’m praying it a hardware issue. My system is a B450 chipset and was running a RX 580.
Sorry for the long post and hope it’s not to scattered.


did you move up your virtual memory like 64k or so. do that also. i use nbminer with hashimoto and octopuss both algos. lol miner was low for me. seems like 90/99 mhs is limit. not sure why. i use nice hash. could be software or the driver nvidia had to reduce mining. not sure. yaknow thats sounds like 50% reduction from 184 mhs . change drivers !

In the motherboard bios, use Gen2 PCIE settings and enable above 4G decoding.
Virtual Memory settings in Windows System/advanced/virtual memory/advanced … should be at least Starting value 30,000 and max value 60,000.
You may try using DDU driver uninstall to remove the AMD drivers from the registry (automatically), then re-install the nVidia drivers.
You should get a hashrate between 90-100 with those settings in afterburner. Those are good values to start tuning the cards.
Good Luck

Here’s a video about mixing an rx580 with other gpus
GTX 1660 Super | RX 580 GPU Mining Network Problems? - YouTube

Thanks for the tips. My new motherboard came in Friday and frame and cpu Sat. I got everything up and running with all four 3080’s. I took apart all the gpu’s and confirmed that they are not LHR models and while inside replaced all the thermo pads and added to the back of the pcb for the memory,
My new mobo is a Biostar Tb360-Btc Pro Atx 32G 12 X Pci-E 3.0. With everything up and running, changed the page file, made sure of my bios setting I only getting 33mhs each board. I’m super frustraded

Update: Switched to phoenix miner and getting 99mhs on all four cards. My temps are higher on the turbo cards but not throttling yet. Now I just need my two new 2400w power supplies to come in…

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Phew, Glad to hear you finally got the cards hashing where they should be. About the power supplies …
It’s all about the hash/watt, not the actual hashrate/sec. Your cards will be more stable and last longer with lower Power Levels. Just strive for the best hash/watt.

Good Job, now make some $$$

I’ve actually slowed them down, afterburner is showing 240w each board and hashing at 98m. I am using a fan to blow on the cards and my temps are around 88-92c. My mem is 1000 mhz over stock. I tried to add in my 5th card and was getting a pci resource error no matter what bios setting I tried. I ended up re-installing windows under ufci and was able to add the 5th card (3070). Total has is 458mh. I’m good with that. Now the waiting game for the rest of my 3080’s to show up. This is going to be a 12 gpu rig.

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