New Intel GPUs! BEST Graphics Cards for MINING?!

Intel has been teasing their graphics cards for years, but these GPUs are coming to market and forget gaming they could change GPU mining forever. Intel has a history of building the best chips, and they built the best GPUs for mining in 2022 and ASICs for Bitcoin mining! Sub to VoskCoin!

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The Intel Arc GPU range has been officially revealed - but is it too late to mine Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies with them? What will be the Intel GPUs hashrate, and will Intel GPUs be profitable for GPU mining? Crypto mining with graphics cards has been a life changing experience for me, and with Intel now producing GPUs, it’s likely that more people than ever will want to learn about crypto mining at home on your PC! Will they be the next RTX 3090, or just mediocre cards that you can ignore? Comparing the specifications of the new Intel GPUs to Nvidia GPUs and AMD GPUs these new graphics cards could be the most profitable graphics cards for mining in 2022?! This is the Intel Arc GPU range review, and we’re going to see if these will change the GPU industry forever!

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00:00 New Intel GPUs - can they mine?
01:57 Passive income with mining
02:49 The new Intel Arc GPUs
05:27 Intel Arc GPU leaks
08:44 Current situation on GPU availability
10:04 My thoughts on the new Intel GPUs
12:29 GPU prices right now?
15:03 GPU mining profitability right now
16:45 Intel GPU crypto mining?

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New Intel GPUs! BEST Graphics Cards for MINING?!