New Kaspa Miner Earns $48 DAILY - iBeLink BM-KS Max Review

iBeLink is back to creating powerhouse passive income machines, their BM-KS Max is an efficient and highly profitable Kaspa KAS ASIC miner. This custom mining rig turns my electricity and internet into cryptocurrency, but how much does it really earn, and is it worth buying and at what price?? Subscribe!

iBeLink official website - Fluxmind International Limited - Fluxmind International Limited
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ASIC Miner tutorial guide by VoskCoin -

:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 New Kaspa iBelink BM-KSMax miner
02:43 A new Kaspa ASIC miner
04:30 Upgrading the firmware
07:21 Where can you order this miner?
09:09 How profitable is the BM-KSMax
09:42 Where can you get the best prices for Kaspa miners?
12:00 Mining performance
13:40 What is Kaspa price and hashrate doing?
14:44 Getting into altcoin mining
15:38 Does Kaspa have a bright future?

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New Kaspa Miner Earns $48 DAILY - iBeLink BM-KS Max Review