New KD5 release?

Is there anyone who knows if @goldshell is producing more KD5s? Don’t want to buy one at a marked up price and a week later have them on sale at goldshell like what happened with my KD-Box. Thanks for any word.

I wish i knew, I’m in the same boat as you

At recent, $75-$100/day profit range (assuming $0.12/kWh for electricity), does it matter if you pay ~$2000 more than GS’s prices if you can get one from a legit reseller? Better to be hashing right now than waiting several months for GS to list a few for sale (which likely would be sold out in a few hours). Even if KDA were to drop considerably (definitely a risk) and $/day declined back down to ~$50/day, that’s still $1500/mo.

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Does anyone know what plug is on the cord on the KD5, c14 to ?

Not sure what the original price from goldshell is. Though if it’s around $10,500 and the sites that I see are now listing them for $14,699 that is a big jump. I agree on the return and it would be nice to start mining sooner that later. But based on some of the other websites saying shipping late September or mid October it seemed like they didn’t have their hands on them yet either. Just trying to save a few grand if they might be coming out soon.

Had it available from my Alibaba supplier back in August for $11.4K and then it was on September price list for $12.1K, but I already had GS HS5 ordered and 2 more DR5s on pre-order, so had to pass.

KDA mining is very profitable right now due to the price of the coin, but “coins mined per day” profit dropped more that half of what is was 3 months ago.

I’m actually on the hunt for KD2 right now since it’s using a lot less KW than KD5 (and I’m already running out of electricity and cooling power for my mining setup).

Agreed that it’s a big jump over the last price from GS that I recall (think you’re $10.5k is right). Nobody seems to have them in stock. And shipping between now and 2nd week of Oct is going to be rough because of Chinese holidays. So I think that you’d be looking at delivery from HK by end of Oct, if you’re lucky. I’m in the same boat as I have a KD5 on order that I’m not expecting it until around Halloween at best. Gives me time to run another 220v circuit and figure out how I’m going to get the additional heat out of my garage. One more unvented ASIC and my wife is going to start using the garage as a makeshift sauna.

@creator2000 I haven’t shopped on alibaba and just dont know who to trust there. I got my first kd box for 2400 from asicmarketplace (ouch, and I was scared at first), and lucky to get the second for 1299 from goldshell. Seeing about 9 kda per day at the moment. Was at 11 when I first got them. Only been running since the 9th of this month. If you know a good source that might have a KD5 or at least somewhere for me to keep my eye on I would grately appreciate it.

@Zilina Agreed on the shipping situation. I was able to snag 1 mini doge this last go around but still haven’t seen a tracking #. I’m sure they are processing a lot right now as well. Do you have an attic space above your garage? If you are already running wire you could run 1 more pair and put in an exhaust fan to pull all the heat into the attic? I am thinking of soundproofing the spare room and doing an exhaust fan instead of going to the garage.

@JC2FUN I am not sure on the cord. Hopefully you find out before I get my hands on one, but will let you know when I do.

I’m in FL. During our long summers, if I put any more heat into my attic I’d be able to start smelting aluminum. I did think about putting a stack through my attic out the roof, but I’m hesitant to start cutting holes in the thing that’s keeping my ASICs dry. And it rains constantly in FL. Sunshine state my @ss :wink:

Hahaha. For sure, well you could do most it yourself and just pay someone to seal the roof properly.

so would you say apexto is legit or which alibaba miners are legit and which are total bs?

Welcome to the mad world of crypto @Ray_Lax!
Yes, if we are talking about the same company / supplier, I’ve been working with them for a few months now.
@RVJV3000 - I will post link below.

Never go by what is listed on the site and always message them and ask for the current price list and availability. Bank transfer payment only and that takes about a week to clear - I would say, it’s probably the only “inconvenience”. Otherwise very happy with that supplier…


hey thx creator for the quick reply, appreciate it… which other alibaba stores are reliable, got a list any off hand that for sure for sure aren’t scams and actual legit ops?

Thank you @creator2000

C19 to c20 or whatever your plugging it into. I use a pdu so use a c20.

Its a NEMA 10-20P 240V/20A male plug to C13 female. The outlet is a leviton 5032 outlet. Leviton 5032 20 Amp, 125/250 Volt, Narrow Body Single Receptacl, Tan Brown