New Liquid-Cooled Bitcoin Mining! FogHashing Review and Guide!

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I have been happy with my first immersion mining deployment on the VoskCoin mining farm, but the VoskCoin crypto mining shed, has quickly become the immersion bitcoin mining shed! I am happy to have the opportunity to review and install the FogHashing B6D which is the previous model of their new FogHashing C6. This is a plug and play immersion mining system to liquid cool your BTC mining rigs. This is a full video installation guide, tutorial, and review on what I learned installing the FogHashing immersion system, how to be prepared to install your own FogHashing immersion tank, and all the tips and tricks I have learned along the way with mining and liquid-cooling my Bitcoin miners!

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 Installing the C6 Foghashing immersion mining container
01:59 Installing the huge foghashing dry cooler!
03:58 How to connect the dry cooler to the foghashing immersion tank?
05:06 How to prepare Asic bitcoin miners for immersion?
07:27 How to put immersion fluid in the tank?
08:29 Starting up the immersion tank!
09:10 How does the dry cooler and immersion tank work?
10:00 Running the Bitmain antminer S19 XP, S19k Pro and S19j Pro in immersion fluid
11:42 First impressions of the Foghashing immersion kit
14:20 How to power the foghashing immersion miner
16:47 Efficient and profitable mining
18:10 Difference between the B6D Immersion cooling suite and the immersion cooling suite c6
23:40 What is the best immersion setup to buy?
26:30 A small immersion cooling kit for home use?
27:40 How is the immersion kit running after a few days?
30:40 How am I powering my immersion kit and miners?
37:40 Working great so far!
39:18 How much noise does an immersion setup make vs a air-cooled miner?
40:00 How much electricity is my setup using?
42:00 Building and reviewing allot of different mining setups

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New Liquid-Cooled Bitcoin Mining! FogHashing Review and Guide!


Glad Alexa talked about screws from the handles potentially hitting the hashboards based on the model, I think I saw hobbyist miner post a video of sparks flying out the miner because screws was hitting the hashboard

Such a sick setup, would be cool if there was a gas lift on the lid of the tank