New list for 11/04/2021 GET YOUR ASIC. BE SAFE. AND HAPPY MINING


does not inc. shipping and any cc fees if used - Contact info Under the profile - expand the dropdown bar


TY everyone and hope you all happy with the orders - rest of orders still in process will continue as normal and as planned… But i will be taking a few days off from this i think… toomuch to deal with alone, seems like most rather get scammed… ill be around for the rest of the day still . ty

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Im intrested in getting an s9j with a power supply. Do you have a psu that will work with 120v supply?

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your geting the last s9 i actually had here on 120 @ 15+t stable for a few days running

I’d be interested in the mini doge. New to this but been looking at one of those.

I was curious if you still have any of the Canaan A146 85T forsale? If not do you have a good place where I could get one? Was going to order from but getting a little uneasy feeling with some of the mixed reviews. I am completly new here and to crypto mining.


Thank you Steve! Look forward to owning the B11 and doing continued business with you in the future.

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