New miner: advice/suggestions

I am new to the mining world, not very computer savy. I just set up a Helium miner about 5 days ago, not the results I expected as a miner near me is earning about 3x per day. Mine is spotty and I get sporadic rewards. Looking to upgrade to 10dbi Omni-antenna like my neighbor.

I am looking to get a few box miners due to their ease of setup and maintenance. My plan right now is to get a Bitmain Antminer power supply (10 connectors), 2 mini-Doge (for Doge & Litecoin), CK-Box, HS-Box (for Handshake & Siacoin). Is this a good start to get my feet wet while I learn about the mining process?

I would like to mine Ergo, but not confident in building a setup, and I haven’t seen a box miner for it yet.