New miner buiilding by the numbers

Hello, I recently found Vosk’s YouTube Channel, and I decided to start mining. I purchased one 1660 OC edition to learn how, and now I’m ready to start building dedicated rigs. My goal is to create mostly a cash flow model vs mine and hold. I’m a retired Wall St trader, so I really look at the numbers, and when looking at profitability of gpu mining, it seems the low end to the high end gpus basicallytake about the same amount of time to pay for themselves. I will admit I’m still learning, and I am open to discussion, but it seems spending 300 on two 580s to start is a better deal than spending 2000 on some high end GPUs bc the barrier to entry is less. Thanks ahead of time for any suggestions

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i went over the numbers several times recently and found that getting brand new AMD RX 5700 for $300-350 was the best $/Hashrate value in my opinion. This was before the Ravencoin hardfork so it may not be the same.