New Miner but not to crypto with LLC related question

Hello! This is my first post on this forum as I found you all via YT. I have been wanting to get into mining for a couple years after trading and learning about crypto currency. I am very bullish on BTC as well as ETH and Cardano, but now I feel it’s time to start the mining side of things. Boy it’s a lot to learn but I love the challenge. I have been watching videos and reading threads and hitting this subject hard. I am going to start out with BTC as I am uncertain on the ETH 2.0 coming out and don’t want to spend money on an ASIC that possibly won’t be of use sooner than expected. Along with eye balling some s19s I am reaching out to hosting sites in Oklahoma and Nebraska as I live in Kansas. I decided since I am very familiar with creating businesses I will do all this as a business to regain some cost to get to ROI faster. This being said like all of you. I wish to increase the size of the mining industry. For those of you who went down this path what direction fit best for you?

S Corp
Sole Proprietorship

Thank you all for your time in posting in this forum to teach us newbies about mining. I enjoy reading and learning from the skilled!