New miner looking for best place in home to set up

Topic basically says it. I have an unfinished utility room in my basement I could use, or I could go to the garage.

As of now I ordered a KD Box, but I am looking to slowly expand.

Pros for the basement is that it’s always 60 degrees and it’s out of the way.
Con is that as I expand to louder miners they will be next to one of my kids bedroom.

Pros for the garage is I have an entire third stall I can build out. It’s right next to my electrical box, and it would be very easy to run Ethernet to that space.
Con is the weather. It’s an insulated garage but I live in Colorado and the summers can heat up the garage to 85-90 degrees and we do have some winter nights that get down to 10degrees. So the con is temp control.

I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts and advice!



Personally I will go with garage. More room for expansion, closer to power, away from kids room, away from “shared spaces in the house”.

Aside from electric bill and noise, the ASIC miners will produce more heat then you realize. Do you have a window in the garage? That will be ideal, fans to exhaust heat. Machines like to run cold, so 10 degrees won’t matter to them.

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I do have a window to the outside. So do you have any tips to run miners in a 90 degree garage during the summer?

I appreciate the feedback!

Lots of parameters:
-Are you boxing out the space for miners or leaving the garage open? If you boxing out, then you definitely need to control the temperature.
-You start with fan to blow the heat out through the window. Reminder that cuts into your electric cost.

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I wasn’t planning on boxing it out. Just putting it in the back corner near the window.

The machines will pull back their power if they start getting too hot. I talked with one of the owners of a 30K+ asic farm in texas, and they don’t bother trying to cool them…get the biggest fan you can that will fit the window, or just open the garage door every now and then to exchange the hot air.

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If you don’t plan to box, fan to exhaust. Just remember to close it when it rains :slight_smile:

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