New miner looking for hardware

I am new to mining. I know really late to the game. Now I am looking for any miner that is not marked up to much that is profitable. I know so is everyone but does anyone have any suggestions?

I have a PC with a 2070 super that is running nicehash. I make 3 to 4 dollars a day. I really like the helium miners but cant find one that is not worth it in my mind. The last MNTD drop was pretty much a nightmare.

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Hi @CryptopPanda - I’m in a similar boat but have a bobcat coming and expecting a couple mntd miners from last week to arrive soon-ish.

I also have nvidia 2080 and looking at nicehash.

I’m interested to see what other responses come through here.

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@Garrett @CryptopPanda

Look guys. This HNT market exploded in march and I even missed that gold mine dig. BobCat orders in march and April are just shipping and arriving first of November.

I preordered OCT 4 and the expected arrival is FEB 2022 as in maybe.

I didnt want to wait. I went to eBay and I brought 3 Bobcats. I paid the price at $1300 each. That was/is a bargain today on what I am seeing on eBay now. Some are $2000 on hand ready to ship.

I used only 2 of the 3. I have no need for the 3rd one and will sale for the $1300 I paid and ship EXPRESS overnight USPS. That does not do it for you, good luck on your search and one piece of advise. Do not get 2 and put then in the same Hexagon and same IP address. One will be dropped to a transmit rate of .1 and make no HNT. I moved that one to my exwife house and it has recovered to 1.0.

You should check out the goldshell boxes. The mini boxes are more affordable than a helium miner and location does not matter like it does with helium. You should look at, that will show you estimates on profitability based on electric rates and it also shows wattage used. Goldshell has several that do not need any special electric upgrades and can run on a standard 120v outlet, you just need to get a power supply for them. They are quiet and do not put out much heat.


@Miner388 - I might be in that same bobcat order as you… I picked up the goldshells from mntd since I could get them (lucky) on that last batch.

Its all good with me. I am making and staking HNT since October 27th. Over $900 staked so far. Location location location is the issue with these HNT devices. The one I had to move to my exwifes house came off the .1 transmit rate back to 1.0 … that is back to making HNT but not as much as being out at the edge of the cities like I am. There are only 10 devices around me and the witness count is great with them.

900 a month with 2 miners?

I got lucky on one of them getting some crazy HNT 3 weeks ago before the network got reworked on the POC

damn thats good, im looking into buying one right now, i got a few people in my area getting 250-300 a month.

this one was at $9000 2 weeks ago before the POC rework. He is now doing downhill fast. That is got to be expensive up on that TV/Radio station tower too.

The POC rework results

wow thats insane, yeah i been thinking about how i can get some height but i might have to just put the antenna on my roof for now, do you have an antenna recommendation for the bobcat?

I have 5.8 on my suburbs house. Then my exwife location middle of the city is on the 4.0 that came with the BobCat and doing well on Witness activity.

awesome, thanks for the input really appreciate it