New mining farm

New to mining and want to build a mining farm. Have the means but I want to start with the basic and move my way up. Anyone have recommendations on Bitmain hardware, pc’s and mining pools and software to begin with. Hoping to learn more as I progress. Currently have a gaming pc with - 2060 super gpu. Not asking for instructions from beginning to end, just how to get started right and not wasting money on the most expensive gear in the beginning. I want this to be a fun project as well. I have been looking at a few bitmain asics (I think a B3) anyway around 200 or so but not wanting to waste. So Watching coal on YouTube I could tell this was a good place to ask. Thank you in advance.

Don’t buy B3 they cant mine any coin. If you are looking to get an asic miner try to get a S19 or something of that sort.

Thank you! Glad I asked, also glad you responded. There are so many to choose from.

Use this website to see the miners and how much they make there are also places to buy the miners on the website