New Mining Farm

Hi Vosk. I just had a suggestion and a question about your solar mining setup.

1st. You should look into possibly burying some steel pipe 10 or so feet under ground and using it as the inlet to your shed. Not sure how the math would work out but for a few thousand dollars up front you could use the cool temperature of the earth to cool the air going into the shed without using any power. Same concept as geothermal heat pump but without the elaborate pipe layout and water to help cool the air. Could lower your inlet air 20 degrees or more I’d think. Probably take 100ft of pipe or so but might be worth it.

2nd. What’s your solar panel setup going to be? By my calculation (based on the 26 solar panels I have on my house) you’d need 45 400W panels to power one 3000W ASIC for a year. My system can produce a maximum of 7.5kW per hour based on the micro inverters and produces about 11 MW a year or about 30kW per day on average. You’d need 72kW per day to power a 3000W ASIC. This seems like it would be very cost prohibitive and I live in Florida where I imagine I get a lot more sun than you do.



You raise some interesting points. Using earth underneath the shed to cool air inlets is ingenious. I haven’t yet watched the most recent vids on Vosk’s solar project. Does he plan to install battery backups? I will assume that the farm will not be completely off grid. I hope he presents a cost analysis and what he estimates to be the payoff period of the solar installation.

I can’t see solar panning out at all unless some serious net metering benifits