New Mining Rig builds - Adding more than 8 GPUS to Asrock H110 Pro BTC+ almost impossible

I am new to mining and started out with a Gaming Computer 4 months ago.

Now I am making two rigs which are made with all brand new equipment.

Mining rig 1 has 5 - RX 5500XT and 1 - Rx 5700XT* (working well on Claymore 15) on the Asrock H110 Pro BTC+ with Windows 10, PSU 1600W with single power chords to everything and UBIT risers.

I cannot seem to get it to run more than 8 GPUS without black screen of death only. I even waited 30 minutes for black screen to change according to one video. I was trying to add 5 more RX 5700’s. I followed all the BIOS setting recommendations and installed AMD drivers and uninstalled them according to forums, etc.

No Luck other than the 6 mentioned above running smoothly. What would be the next troubleshooting step for mining rig 1?

Meanwhile I need to get those RX 5700 running so I dismantled my gaming cpu and put it on an open air mining rack . This is built on an *MSI MPG X570 GAMING EDGE WIFI (Socket AM4) USB-C Gen2 AMD Motherboard with a Ryzen 5 3600 CPU (non integrated graphics ) and Window 10. I adjusted the BIOS to proper settings as far as I know. I tried to install the first RX 5700 and it worked. Next, I tried installing a second GPU but got the black screen. Is there is something different I should do when using AMD Motherboard and CPU. It has 3 - PCIe 1x and 2 - PCIe 16x plus a M.2 .

Thanks for any sound advice!!!

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I heard that Windows 10 has a max card issue. I also read that you can get better results by having 8 AMD cards and 8 Nvidia cards. Windows still may have a max # that can be worked around using SimpleOS and booting from a thumb drive. I haven’t tried that many cards myself, sorry.


Your problem is Windows give SMOS a Try and it will work perfectly.


running and windows dont use latest drivers, install drivers with 1 gpu after plug rest gpu wait if any gpu not detected or have error reistall drivers increase virtual memory around 100gb

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Thank you. I finally did try SMOS and it has worked seamlessly for 3 days. I still cannot get ore than 8 GPUs to work on H110 Pro BTC + so i guess i will make another rig. The AMD build will not accept more than 2 GPUs. Ohh well, we live and learn. Thanks for the info ya’ll

move on minerstat im runing 13x gpu without any problem, plus you can do test hardware and will show you if you have any trouble on system, second make bios update for h110 to see or in slots are detected gpu. if not detected gpu riser problem if detected in bios all gpu was windows wrong amd drivers,plus make sure for h110 you have plug both molex and no sata connected