New Profitable Coin for GPU Mining - $225,100 Kaspa Mining

GPU miners were in trouble without Ethereum, but there’s a newer GPU mineable cryptocurrency that’s bringing mining $225,100 worth of passive income! What is Kaspa and is this KAS coin worth mining? Sub!

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Mining Ethereum with GPUs is what started my cryptocurrency mining journey! Although the fall of GPU mining was inevitable after Ethereum moved to Proof of Stake, it seems a new coin has emerged that may change the course of GPU mining? Despite its high emission rate, is Kaspa mining sustainable? With FPGA and ASIC mining potentially on the horizon, is now the best time to mine a few coins with your spare GPUs? Let’s take a look at everything Kaspa has going for it, and whether or not I’m going to mine the new KAS coin.

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00:00 GPU mining isn’t dead yet?!
00:44 Kaspa KAS: the new GPU mineable coin
03:49 What is the Kaspa project?
04:45 Best mining pool for Kaspa?
06:17 Kaspa mining calculator and profitability
09:03 Should you mine Kaspa?

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New Profitable Coin for GPU Mining - $225,100 Kaspa Mining

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Hey Vosk. I never stopped following your old info.
TradeOgre exchange, they trade mainly mined coins, those guys are on the ball when it comes to new coins to mine.
I went to Tradeogre in 2017/18 at your advice. TradeOgre is rock solid. They use CLI wallets. (your transfers happen when you click send, they don’t send multi transfers, your TradeOgre wallet address is the same in and out). To date, they have not done me wrong, had over 3 BTC at times and have over 5K at any moment for the past 4-5 years. As I’ve watched exchanges open and close down, TradeOgre has always been the same for me , it works.

TradeOgre has added more new Coins in 2022 than they added from 2019-2021 . And don’t get me wrong, they are not the place to “trade” per say, their market/volume is rather low.

If you follow TradeOgre, basically any new Coin they add is profitable to mine, to an extent.

IMO the Vosk brand should steer more towards Coins. Tokens and Token networks are full of steam. Vosk recommending Staking is not the same as Vosk recommending mining some Coin.

Cheers I liked this video. You (Vosk) have a special glow when you talk about GPU mining and Coins. Good times.

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