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I love the channel and I have been learning a lot. I want to start mining and I understand hardware with no issues. Crypto is new to me however. I’m looking to start a budget rig, I’ve built a frame with aluminum I had laying around or found at salvage yards. I know what mono, psi, cpu, running 32gb Linux thumb drive, but I’m just stuck on my gpu. I’ve decided on either going Gtx 1660 or the RX 570. I have found a very good deal to save on the 570s about 40% cheaper than the 1660s. Problem is I have the option for 8gb or 4gb. If I go 4gb I get the cards very cheap, the 8 is a bit more. Since I’m starting out and learning would you say that the 4gb would be good enough? The concern is the limitation of the algorithms that need more than 4gb. But I have a very limited budget, very limited. I’m going to start with 6gpu and I figured I could mine eth or something else. I still have a lot of research to do on what to mine. But would you say it wouldn’t be a bad idea learning on the 4gb, reducing costs before I go and get the bigger gpus? I can always sell them to help pay for the new ones and I could make money off what I paid for them through eBay. I’m open to all suggestions but I’m looking at getting some cards for less than $60 while the 8gb is 139-169. Thanks!

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Ive started a few months ago and everything I have read basically says stick with minimum of 8gb cards to mine. From here on out the mining will only go higher in the requirements for hash and mem. Dont want to start out behind the current mark. Just my 2 cents or satoshis.

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For AMD’s I suggest 570’s/580’s or 5700’s. You want to try to stick to 8 GB memory or higher with whatever GPU’s you get for mining. The rest just comes down to your electric rate and what kind of deals you can find for the hardware :slight_smile:

I know in a windows encironment they are power hungry but there are tweaks and was reading through Linux? Based OS you can significantly reduce operating power? Ideally I would like to get to 75w but I wouldn’t know what I could do until I get it built and running. Obviously more research too. I looked at the 580s but I’m really, really trying to keep costs low. If I got the 4 gb I could get 6 cards for around $400-480. I looked at the 8gb and the used prices are so close to the new prices I just prices out through various websites to be around $900 for 6. In this case I would probably get 4 cards to start for around $650. Got an ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ for $53 used for two weeks, going with pentium 4400t for $39 (really trying to keep down on power consumption. Will do one 4gb stick based on Linux is but I have an 8gb handy if needed. Still looking at the psu, probably stick in the 1200w range, $200-300 unless I can find a really nice used platinum/titanium one. For cost will probably stick to platinum running on 220-240v line to help out efficiency got an electrician friend who will do it for a case of beer and I’ll buy the parts. Just need to source the risers. Would using an nvme on a pcie slot be beneficial at all? I have a couple kicking around. Sorry off topic just running through prices in my head, but I’m starting to see what you’re saying, I’m talking about really another 400-500 investment in gpu for flexibility. By starting off with 4 cards I can get mining and learning while I deal hunt for another 2-4 cards.

Edit: actually 580s used are about the same cost as the 570 new, is there a noticeable difference between the two? The 5700 is just too far out of my budget right now. Also I don’t know how reliable this site is: but if I wanted to mine eth the 4gb would perform better than the 8gb per the figures. Again more research needed and looking for really reliable information. Y’all have been super helpful and awesome.

you cant mining eth with 4gb cards. only rvn coin at 8-10mhs. different between 570 and 580 profit, mhs and power draw, 570 less profit, 1-1.5mhs different compare 580, also power draw different 10-20watt per card 570 draw less watt. plus your web show not right mhs 570 max mhs 31.2 not 44, 580 32.2 not 29. 6x 570 8gb total mhs 186.2, 660watt, 6x 580 8gb 193.5mhs 930watt, profit around 0.20-0.50usd different between 570-580. 580 have more profit

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soon with 4gb you can mining etc as etc his month planing drop dag size below 4gb or even below 3gb. to get more miners online to increasing hash for security

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Yeah I’ve actually found much better deals in used 580 8gb I think I’ll go that rout. Question though, how low can I drop the voltage while running stable? Again I’ll be running these on a 240v line, 40 amp breaker, should help efficiency and if I go with a titanium that’s a lot of power savings a year which could give better profit on the 570 potentially?

i use zalman 2x 700watt psu, not mutch different was between super expensive psu and cheap psu different only 10watt between standart psu and power saving psu so for 10watt not worst buy expensive psu as you dont win nothing. lower watt per card you can get 84-86watt 32.2mhs on mining os and 30-31mhs on windows. 6x rx580 8gb nitro windows 30-31mhs per card 86watt in total 184.2-186.2mhs 930watt 52c claymore miner. on minerstat os 32.2mhs 86watt in total 193.5mhs 930watt 52-54c phoenix miner. windows im not recommended can be not stable plus time to time doing updates for his reason you loosing money. windows you need use on first day for bios flash all your cards after done flash run mining os. for mini g os you dont need monitor mouse or keyboard just internet cable usb stick 16gb or 32-60gb ssd. if you have clean area like room after boot mining os you need rig shut something like every 3-6month clean dust if miner in garage or other location recommended every month to check dust.

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I posted up on another thread about my 1 rig Im using on Hiveos … would you mind taking a look and give your opinion. So far you’ve been very helpful and knowledgeful on other posts.

my set up was for 6x gpu h81 pro btc, 4gb ram, i3 cpu as i get cheap, 60gb ssd, 2x zalman 700watt psu,6x rx580 8 gb nitro, running minerstat mining os.

12x gpu almkst same. 4x zalman 700watt psu, h110 pro btc, 4gb ram,pentum cpu,60gb ssd and 12x rx580 8gb nitro, same use minerstat os

if you need more help join to private talk we will help you

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i send you request

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Sorry I dont see the request and I am new to this board. Give me a minute to find and thank you.

i use zalman 2x 700watt psu, not mutch different was between super expensive psu and cheap psu different only 10watt between standart psu and power saving psu so for

Awesome thank you for all the helpful advice, I started buying all my 580 cards. I’m shopping around for psu’s now based off y’all’s recommendations. I already got mobo, processor, ram, frame, heck I know I have a 1000w psu kicking around in storage somewhere just gotta find it. So far it looks like I can get these 580 for around 130-150. I could get the 570 for just a little less so I’ll go off your advice, you know much better than I do. I have a 64gb m.2 nvme I pulled from a laptop when I swapped to a 970 evo plus so I’ll try that out on a riser why not. I got an extra windows key so I’m going to try windows just for the easy over lock/under volt options, but also setup two Linux distros you mentioned, have tons of usb drives kicking around. All in all this build is going to come under $1000 I think which is pretty good? Again thank you for your help, I’m not used to a community being so supportive haha.

windows you need just for first day do bios flash and test or it mining after move to minerstat and forget about touching your rig

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Gotcha thanks again. Got 4 gpu sorted out I may wait until I find some really good deals on 2-4 more and when parts get here get the rig running. I’ll probably have some more questions for you soon in the future haha. But tons of good videos on YouTube and write ups I think I should be alright. I can diagnose all day long, just need to read up on what’s current bios wise and Linux which is all simple stuff. Thanks again for all your help.

try found rx580 8gb nitro hynix memory i will give you my bios plus tune settings and you dont need do any moding or testing flash all cards and boot to mining os will be 32.2mhs at 86watt 52c

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Oh that’s awesome! Only thing is I haven’t figured out how to do the private thing yet lol.