New S19 has arrived thanks to the Vosk! but need some help

Having trouble finding good documents for power requirements - getting 240v ran as we speak but what other details do i need? recommended power cable? surge protector for the 2 inputs? don’t want to guess at all here and the bitmain support site is not working.

Think I sorted out what I need actually but any ‘power’ gear recommendations still welcome and any other good tips from the pro’s before i go live :wink:

I sourced some cables and a PDU. What did you find?

3FT C13 C14 15A 250V GRAY Power Cord (

Tripp Lite PDU1230 Basic PDU, 30A, 20 Outlets (16 x C13 & 4 x C19), 200 / 208 / 240V, L6-30P Input, 15 Feet Cord, 1U Rack-Mount -

Nice ty i had picked a 20amp PDU but decided to upgrade a bit with your pick. Went amazon and snagged some blue cables too.

My supplier is getting ready to ship some miners to me, they asked what I would like on the invoice to say? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I also found this bad boy. It’s a monitored PDU so you can monitor your electricity draw and much more, it can also send out SMS and email.

PDU20MHVIEC8FNET - Monitored PDU Series - Product Details, Specs, Downloads | CyberPower (

IDK, maybe ship with care?! lol - the market is so sketch for new entrants (so much spam) i was unsure i was even gettting my miner til it showed up on my doorstep - and the delivery… lets just say it was like out of a movie for bitcoin - I’m in US but some random guy with beat up truck and dents no logos ended up dropping the beast off lol. I did see the monitored one i do plan to upgrade to that just makes sense in 2021 but need to get settled first.