New S19j pro POWER issues

Hello community! Help is very much appreciated.
I am having some difficulty powering on my ASIC miners (4*S19j pro).
I’m familiar with GPU mining but don’t know about ASICs.
The indicator lights are not cycling on so I know it’s a power issue.

The S19j pro consumes 20 amps
A new 160amp panel was just installed.
The cables: C13 to L6-20
The boxes: 10amp outlets
Voltage: 220V

Since most of the available OTC PDUs are maxing out at 30amps I chose not to use them yet.

Please help, thank you.

Typically you’re gonna want a dedicated circuit for a single device that pulls 20amps or more. That’s one circuit per miner. You generally don’t want to exceed 80% of what that circuit was designed for.

-The reason why you don’t want multiple devices on a high amp circuit vs one device on a smaller amp circuit is mostly due to harmonic distortion and maintaining an isolated ground-

If you have a VOM tester with current measuring capability you’re gonna want to check for proper voltage at the receptacles, ensure correct polarity, and also take a current(amp) reading at the panel. If it all checks out then your issue may be within the PSU.

Once you’ve inspected everything(wiring and circuitry) plug in one ASIC at a time and check for any irregularities or operational defects before plugging in another one. Then repeat that step until all machines are plugged in.

This is just to ensure that your source of electricity is fine and narrowing it down to the devices. Hope this helps

If you don’t have enough power, it is most likely what Retro said.

How are the outlets wired? 1 outlet per circuit? What are your breakers? 10amp outlets seems low.
S19j Pro need 3050w per miner, so 14amp-ish on a 220volt line.

An S19j Pro doesn’t pull 20A. Let’s assume you have weak voltage, so 208V. Let’s also assume you have the high power consumption 110Th, which draws 3250W. Then amps would be 3250W / 208V = 15.65A. But I bet you’re getting closer to 240V if you measure it (my outlets are 20’ from the panel through 10/2 cable and I typically see ~244V at the outlets). At 240V, it’d be only a 13.5A draw.

Using the 80% rule to size the breaker, cable and outlet (i.e. 15.65A/80% = 19.53A), you should use a dedicated 20A circuit per S19j Pro - assuming that you’re hashing a 110Th (you’ll have to rerun the math for your actual rig, e.g. a 96Th only uses 2830W). So that means a 220V double-pole 20A breaker, 12/2 cable and a 20A outlet (e.g. L6-20, like you seem to be using).

If the sub-panel and the 220V 20A double-pole breaker is wired properly (2 legs; black to one side of the breaker, white to the other, ground to the ground bar) and clicks into the rail, then I’m not sure why you’re not getting power to the rig. Although that’s too much current through a 10A outlet.

For large, high wattage ASICs, I believe the PDUs are an unnecessary expense as they can’t carry very much current. Now if you’re going to run a bunch of Goldshell box miners or other low wattage ASICs, then they probably make sense. People often think the PDUs provide surge protection. They do not, unless they specifically state to the contrary.